Spray VS Gel: Why Gel Hand Sanitizer is Better



Since Covid-19 most people’s inner germaphobe has reared its ugly head. If you are one of those people, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. In the wake of COVID, many of us have been more cautious of the way we distance ourselves and the way we keep ourselves clean and healthy. As a result, hand sanitizer (gel and spray) has been selling out like crazy. But how do you know which one is better for you?

We have an opinion of course but instead of our opinion, trust the facts:

  • Gel hand sanitizers contain higher doses which prevents the germs more effectively than spray ever could. After all, the whole point of sanitizing is to get all corners of your hands and gel does that much better than spray ever could.
  • Gel hand sanitizers, like our Calming Lavender, also contain a higher dose than spray sanitizers. 

Now onto our opinion… Beside the important facts about health and efficacy, there are some lifestyle considerations you should think about. Spray sanitizers usually smell really strong and if a strong wind hits, they taste worse. To keep yourself safe from germs, H2One offers a variety of hand sanitizer gels such as Calming Lavender and our Awakening Citrus. Our hand sanitizers are made with Aloe, Vitamin E, and Ethyl Oil guaranteeing quick action against germs and are moisturizing.

With everything that has transpired in the last year, our health in safety is now more paramount than ever. We highly encourage all of you to gel up for not just your safety, but also the safety of your loved ones. As always from all of us here at H2One, stay safe.