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  • Health and Wellness

    From physician's offices to long-term care, our FDA-Registered formula uses 75% top-tier Ethyl Alcohol to help kill bacteria viruses and microbes, meeting all World Health Organization and CDC Standards.

  • Retail Stores

    Let us help you drive clientele back into stores. Whether shopping for clothes or groceries, we want your customers to feel safe and protected. Place hand sanitizer at each entrance, checkout counter, and changing room.

  • Offices

    While working from home has its perks, we're excited to see more cities open their businesses and welcome staff into the office. Collaboration and teamwork make any challenge possible. We're here to keep your team happy and healthy.

  • Hospitality

    Enjoying your favorite coffe or meal should be a worry free experience. Whether dining in or picking up, clean hands are essential for both staff and guests. Ease the stress with hand sanitizer at every table, counter, and workstation.

  • Schools

    Caring for students, teachers, and parents are one of our top priorities. After donating to over +375 schools across the USA, we want to support as many educational institutions as we can.

  • Home Office info

    With so many homes turning into offices, let us help you keep your computer and work areas clean. We offer shipping options to cover all your team members working remotely. Let us know how we can help keep you and your staff safe.