Is Hand Sanitizer Better Than Soap and Water?



We are all spending more and more time washing our hands and thinking about ways that we can stay cleaner and healthier, and how we can encourage our families to do the same. Understandable, given the pandemic. Nobody wants to be the person who gets their family sick, or even be the person to accidentally get a stranger sick. Because of that, more and more people have taken to carrying hand sanitizer and wipes with them to make sure that they’re staying as clean as possible everywhere they go. 

This is a high concern especially for individuals with small children. Toddlers get in each other’s spaces, they touch each other, they stick their fingers in their mouth. Daycares especially are a hotbed of activity, and there’s no way to teach toddlers about social distancing. Emphasizing the use of hand sanitizer and hand washing is of the utmost important for these little people, and a Harvard study suggests that hand sanitizer can actually be more effective at preventing illness in young children than hand washing!

A few caveats to these results: these children were using sanitizer incredibly frequently and properly, ensuring that the sanitizer was as effective as it could possibly be. Additionally, these children were educated very well about the importance of cleanliness and keeping their hands clean, being given lessons about it by the researchers whenever they came to visit. With these things in mind, the children who used sanitizer were significantly less likely to get sick compared to the children in the hand washing group and had a lower average of days taken off of school due to illness. Sanitizer works!

Of course, this is something that we already knew, here at H2One. Using high-quality sanitizer with the best ingredients is the best thing you can do to keep yourself and your family safe, and that’s the only thing that we make here! Our Calming Lavender sanitizer has 75% ethanol in it, well above the 70% recommended rate for optimum cleanliness. With essential oils and moisturizers included, you can be sure that use of our sanitizer is not going to dry out your hands while it keeps you safe. Keep your little ones in mind when you use H2One; after all, we have to keep the little future of America safe!