H2One & The Salvation Army Host Music Give Back Event


Greetings to everyone from H2One! With everything happening in the world in the wake of the COVID pandemic, many communities have been struggling. Recently, H2One joined with Grammy Award-winning music publisher Tony Mercedes in order to present at The Salvation Army’s Bell Shelter for their “Give Back Event.” When first hearing about H2One’s initiative, Mercedes was honored and enthused to join in this partnership along with other celebrities such as the New York Yankees’ third baseman, Gio UrshelaAt this event, H2One and Mercedes donated 2,000 bottles of the H2One hand sanitizer to The Salvation Army. This keeps in line with “H2One for One Promise”, meaning that with every bottle purchased online, one is given to a community in need. We here at H2One could not be more thrilled or proud of how this event turned out as it was truly a night of stars all joining in for a good cause. Celebrities and music artists such as Chef Sean, Kylie Marshall, and Elidjah Diallo were all present and they all took photos, signed autographs, and handed out bottles of H2One Hand Sanitizers to more than 300 veterans experiencing housing difficulties who currently live at the Bell Shelter




At H2One, we understand just how important it is to help our communities. We are so thrilled and humbled at the number of people who joined together for this wonderful cause. Now, more than ever it is of vital importance to help our communities and our veterans. If you are interested in contributing, we highly encourage you to contact your local chapter of The Salvation Army in order to find out what you are able to do to help and as always, buying a bottle of H2One Hand Sanitizer contributes to local communities as well as keeping you and your loved ones safe. From all of us here at H2One, look after each other and as always stay safe.