H2One & Hanks Yanks


They say our children are the future. And it’s true! Investments in education are often touted as the most important, given that the children that we’re investing in are the ones who are going to be creating entertainment, scientific breakthroughs, and more in the years to come. We’re not the only ones who think so, though. Hank Steinbrenner is largely remembered for the larger-than-life persona that he brought during his lifelong work with the New York Yankees.


That’s not what his legacy is, though. He brought Hank’s Yanks to the world, a nonprofit organization that brings baseball to inner city children in the tri-state area and teaches children the love of the sport that he adored. 


On July 19th, Hanks Yanks is hosting their 2021 Celebrity Golf Event. Apart from being a golfing event which will feature the likes of Richard Gere and Jeff Nelson, this event is also a fundraiser dedicated to helping out communities in need. This event will also be hosted in the memory of the late Hank Steinbrenner who passed away last year. At this event, H2One plans on donating bottles of sanitizer to many of these communities. All of us here at H2One are thrilled to be collaborating with Hanks Yanks because the goals of their organization truly align with ours and our promise.  



It’s no secret that due to the events of the last year, many of our communities are struggling and are in desperate need of help. Our goal at H2One is to do just that and this collaboration with Hanks Yanks only allows us to further this goal. We are so grateful for this opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to such a wonderful organization. As always, stay safe and take care of each other.