H2One & Gio Urshela Bobble Head Doll

In our tumultuous times, it’s important for all of us to be thinking about the ways that we can give back to others. Charitable work has never been more important, given the number of people who are hurting and needy during these pandemic times. What that looks like obviously looks different for all of us. Maybe that means participating in a neighborhood cleanup or volunteering at your local hospital. With COVID still a very real threat in our world, maybe it means volunteering to help distribute vaccines. However helping your community looks to you, feeling positive about the work you’re doing is an important part of it. And we want to join you! 

At H2One, we are so thrilled to introduce our Gio Urshela H2One Hand Sanitizer Collectible Bobble Head! Not only is Gio Urshela a baseball player, but he is also the winner of the Yankee Captain Thurman Munson Humanitarian Award. A frequent collaborator with H2One, Gio Urshela has joined us for many charitable causes bringing hand sanitizer to communities in need such as schools as youth organizations. Because of this, all of us at H2One couldn’t be more thrilled to have his face on our product as it is very much in line with our message of giving back and community help. 

With all that has happened this last year, helping our communities has never been more important. At H2One, we thrive to do just that and we are so thankful and humbled by all of the support. From all of us here, continue to take care of each other and as always, stay safe.