H2One and the Yankees Yes Network

It’s no secret that we here at H2One are Yankees fans. We have spoken about our partnership with Gio Urshela before, and the charity work that we’ve done with him. We even have a bobble head doll of him! But our partnership with Urshela is not our only connection to the Yankees. H2One has been in a partnership with the Yankee Yes Network recently as well! The Yankee Yes Network is a subsidiary of Fox Television and has been a great connection to get more eyes and ears on our products. 
Every game, H2One is featured during the Play of The Game on the Yankees. Our The products, including our Calming Lavender Sanitizer, are highlighted on the network for the thousands of viewers, creating great exposure press for our company. Through the H2One Promise, the higher the sales, the more we’re donating and giving back to our communities. 
This opportunity provides us with a wonderful outlet to spread our message to more and more people. Afterall, the more people we are able to reach, the more people we are able to help. As always, from all of us here at H2One, please stay safe.