Back to School Safety

August is here and you know what that means: Back to school! With the new delta variant of the virus, we get why so many of you are worried about sending your children back to school and who could blame you? With more and more cases of this new variant, it’s completely understandable to have concerns about your kids returning to school. With so much misinformation going around, you might feel uncertain of what to do to make sure your child is safe at their school. While COVID rules and guidelines in schools vary from state to state, H2One would like to offer you some helpful tips to keep your mind at ease and your child safe: 


  • Wear a Mask 

Please, let’s not make this a topic of debate. Wearing a mask can truly save lives and with this new variant, our children’s safety couldn’t be more paramount. By doing this, you are helping to contain any potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may or may not be released while breathing and/or coughing. This is especially helpful during those instances where being able to social distance can be a challenge. 


  • Social Distance 

Practice social distancing! Even if your children are vaccinated, social distancing is still a must! The common way COVID-19 spreads from person to person, is usually between people who are withing close contact of each other. While vaccines have been proven to protect against severe illness, we are however still learning just how effective these vaccines are at reducing transmission. So please, stress the importance of social distancing to your children. 


  • Keep Hands Washed 

This cannot be stressed enough. One of the best ways your children can limit the risk of getting sick is by keeping their hands washed and sanitized. Doing this can prevent the spread of the virus by touching a contaminated surface. Now, while surface-to-person transmission isn’t the direct cause of the virus spreading, an infected person can release respiratory droplets. Those droplets have the potential to infect a nearby person, they can also infect nearby surfaces. If you’re still worried about your child’s safety, why don’t you slip a bottle of H2One’s Calming Lavender Hand Sanitizing Gel in their bag. The perfect thing to keep your mind at ease and your child just a little bit safer as recently feature on Michigan Savings. 


Look, we get it. We want this to be over just as much as I’m sure you do. Fortunately, you are in a position where you can help this end this faster. By educating your children about the safeties of wearing a mask or keeping their hands sanitized, you are not only helping your child, but you’re also helping someone else’s. From all of us here at H2One, please stay safe and watch out for each other.