Hello everyone, and welcome to the first month of 2021! It’s already been a long year, I know, but fortunately we are all still here, still healthy, and still taking care of each other. While this pandemic still rages, and as we’re discovering new virulent strains of the virus, it is becoming increasingly more important than ever to follow the guidelines from the CDC regarding sanitation and social distancing. We know that you are all still buying sanitizer and hand soap to help in that regard, and some of you might be noticing some…unfortunate side effects of constant hand washing and sanitizer use as the cold months drag on. Dry skin. Bleeding knuckles. Yuck.

 Aloe Vera

Fortunately, our hand sanitizer has a special ingredient that provides a solution to a lot of the woes of traditional sanitizer. Aloe Vera. Now, typically Aloe Vera is a gel used for irritated skin and/or burn relief, that’s not all it can do. With addition of Aloe Vera to our product, you can enjoy many benefits such as, but not limited to the ones listed below.


  • Contains Antioxidants

Inflamed skin impedes the skin's rejuvenation process, which is why aloe vera is often recommended as a treatment for minor sources of inflammation such as sunburns. By reducing inflammation, antioxidants allow skin to repair itself and correct visible damage. Some antioxidants, like vitamin C, can also stimulate collagen production, which is vital for youthful skin, though it is important to remember that aloe vera will not remove visible signs of damage such as wrinkles. Research shows that consistent use of aloe vera improves the appearance of skin over the long term, though, reducing the rate at which visible signs of damage appear.


  • Contains Enzymes

Enzymes break down the keratin protein in the upper layer of the skin, which bonds dead skin cells together. Without the keratin protein, dead skin can gently slough off, which allows for gentle exfoliation. The result of this is smoother, softer skin. The enzymes also help diminish scars and pigmentation.

 Aloe Vera

  • Treats Burns, Acne, and Dry Skin

Anti-bacterial properties make this idea for treating acne (though it’s important to remember that it’s better for surface acne, rather than cystic acne), adding onto the anti-inflammatory benefits that make this ideal for treating burns and dry skin. The collagen contained within the gel alone helps strengthen the bond between skin cells, improving skin dryness and elasticity, which is especially important given how often we have to sanitize our hands in these scary times.


The above benefits are just a few of the reasons that so many people are choosing H2One sanitizer over traditional sanitizer from the pharmacy. Additionally, the gel-like nature of aloe vera thickens the consistency of the sanitizer, enough that a little goes a long way. A small amount of sanitizer is enough to disinfect your hands sufficiently, stretching the life of a single bottle. After all, these days, you can never have enough sanitizer. From all of us here at H2One, please stay safe.