A Blast from the Past with H2One


          Ready for a blast from the past? ABC is thrilled to announce its new game show The Celebrity Dating Game hosted by New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel and music legend Michael Bolton serving as the matchmakers. According to USA Today, this exciting new program has been conceived as a revival of the original ABC classic The Dating Game which ran from 1965 to 1973. In the original show, three contestants would vie for a date with a young attractive single by answering a series of questions posed by the single and the by the end of the show, one of those contestants will have won a date with the mystery man! The Celebrity Dating Game uses that same concept, only this time, the three contestants are vying for a date with a famous young single person.

         Described by The Hollywood Reporter as a “wry wink at modern dating”, the non-famous suitors have the opportunity to guess the secret identity of the celebrity contestant based on clues, questions and parody performances by Bolton. Complete with celebrity guest appearances and humor throughout, this show is pays tribute to the original that many of us grew up watching and enjoying. Because of this, H2One is proud to partner with this new and exciting show as their official backstage hand sanitizer.

           Through this partnership, we are supporting the production crew, makeup artists, hair stylists, celebrities, and guests with our products such as Awakening Citrus Hand Sanitizing Gel, Calming Lavender Hand Sanitizer, and launching soon our Moisturizing Sanitizing Lotion. Our Awakening Citrus contains Aloe Vera which is a gel used for irritated skin and/or burn relief, that’s not all it can do. With addition of Aloe Vera to our product, you can enjoy many benefits such as antioxidants and enzymes. Our Calming Lavender also possesses many wonderful qualities including a high alcohol content to kill germs, aloe vera to protect your skin from drying out, and our signature gel serum to ensure that a little goes a long way. The soothing lavender scent takes this the next step up from excellent to extraordinary and ensures that you can carry a bottle anywhere you go without worrying about the medicinal smell of traditional sanitizer any time you need to clean up. Or if you’re someone who regularly enjoys applying creams and ointments, then our Moisturizing Sanitizing Lotion is just the thing for you. With a mix of organic compounds and colloidal metals, we not only ensure your safety, but also keep your skin soft by killing germs on contact. This creates a long-lasting moisture-rich barrier that will fight against any germs in the future guaranteeing softer and smoother skin.

           With all that has been happening in the world, H2One is so thrilled to be joining up with something that will bring some much-needed levity to many of our every day lives.  In accordance with the H2One for One Promise to give back, we believe in a spirit of cooperation, to protect and care for ourselves and each other. As a reminder, our H2One for One Promise means that for each bottle of sanitizer that is bought online, we will donate one to communities in need. Keeping safe and healthy is of the utmost importance right now, and through our company promise, everyone can come together. Especially with this new partnership, we here at H2One are able to fulfill that promise.

            H2One is incredibly happy to partner with such a fun and exciting new program, especially one which evokes such nostalgia. Though things seem bleak in the world around us, small things, like a new TV show to look forward to, give us something to smile about when there doesn’t seem like much else does. More important, H2One is happy to play an important part in keeping the participants and hosts safe as the official partner for sanitizer backstage. Even in a world where we need to keep distant from other people for the sake of our health, we can still come together as a community to take care of and support each other.