H2One Calming Lavender Hand Sanitizer Gel | 1000 ML | 75 Percent Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) | Made in USA

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H2One helps to kill bacteria and viruses. We've added Aloe Vera and essential oils to protect your skin without drying it out. H2One hydrates and disinfects without the downsides of traditional hand sanitizers: Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 75%. High concentrations of ethyl alcohol and a unique moisturizing formula make H2One a high-impact disinfectant. A little goes a long way. With our gel-like serum formula, just a small amount of the H2One sanitizer disinfects your hands. Founded in the USA. We're a proud American brand that sources the majority of its ingredients locally. Premium ingredients. We source high quality aloe vera and essential oils to keep hands protected and happy.